Silver trading

Silver is the second best known precious metal after gold. Despite being a precious metal, currency from ancient Greece to present (Liberty Silver Coin)
It is used. From ancient times to the present development, it continues to increase its value and can be said to be a valuable, very convenient and outstanding precious metal. Utilizing its quality and characteristics, it is active in various fields in the market.

Silver trading with Rodeo FX

  • Leverage – up to 500 times
  • Number of transactions – 0.01-50 lots trading deadline – Unrestricted commodity CFD
  • Trading deadline – unlimited product CFD
  • Product CFD

About Silver


Historically, silver is one of the most important products on the market. As commerce began to develop, there was a growing demand to simplify silver and gold transactions. Gold was the best deal for expensive goods, and silver was the best choice for small deals. Silver mining increased because it was used for trading as a currency. Subsequent scientific development and technological advancements quickly expanded the supply of silver. It is clear that silver was used in almost all ancient cultures. Since the start of use, progressive countries have been participating in the excavation of silver. Today, the global production of silver represents its diversity and growth value.

Silver value

Silver is an indispensable presence in society and is a permanent product, so it is sometimes considered more valuable than gold. And its excellent properties have paved the way for medicine, solar energy, biology and electronics. Silver's achievements include: Used in the construction industry for metal pipe joints and building reflectors Used as an antibacterial agent in medical settings Used in radiology Solar panels It is used as an antibacterial agent for water purifiers. Silver, which is also used as a currency and industry, is an important metal for investment, like gold. It is essential. Why not expand your trading opportunities with Rodeo FX silver and precious metal trading?