Palladium trading

Palladium is used as a catalyst for precious metals because it is easy to process and is not easily oxidized. It belongs to the same platinum group as platinum and is classified as a noble metal. It excels in absorption characteristics and has the highest workability because it has the lowest density and melting point among non-active metals. Because of this, it is widely used in all industries, and as a target for investment, demand has increased in recent years.

Rodeo FX palladium trading

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About palladium


The historical background of palladium is special compared to other metals, and it was excavated in platinum ore, unlike gold, silver and platinum. Palladium was discovered by British chemical physicists separating palladium and rhodium from platinum ores in South America, and further research was then conducted on the separation from ores. Palladium was recovered as a byproduct of platinum (bipro) and gradually gained popularity, and was named palladium after the newly discovered asteroid Palas.

The value of palladium

Unlike other rare metals, the extraction method of palladium is mined mainly for the accompanying production of platinum and nickel (bipro). Despite being inexpensive, palladium is considered to be extremely rare compared to gold and platinum. Palladium has a low melting point and is resistant to rust and discoloration, so it is often used as a catalyst. It has similar characteristics to platinum, but differs from other precious metals in the following ways: : Excellent absorptivity, especially strong hydrogen absorption. Market supply and industrial production are rare compared to gold and platinum. It is malleable and ductile like gold. Low hardness among precious metals. Among platinum-based metals. With the lowest melting point, palladium is in great demand in the automotive industry, with automotive catalysts accounting for about half of the total demand. It is also widely used as a catalyst for various reactions, and palladium is also used in industrial applications in medical equipment and electronics. As an ornament, alloys such as white gold using palladium have begun to be produced.
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